Challenge Air Fly Day & Operation Pets Alive at the Conroe North Houston Regional Airport

Galaxy FBO recently helped execute two community events at the Conroe North Houston Regional Airport.

Hank’s Flights Rescued 30 Puppies on Operation Pets Alive

Third Annual Operation Pets Alive Rescue Ride was on April 22nd with Hank’s Flights’ 35th mission to rescue 30 puppies from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. These events are organized to transport healthy animals from overpopulated shelters in Southern states to areas with more available resources to take care of them.

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Challenge Air Fly Day 2017

Galaxy FBO proudly supported the Challenge Air Fly Day at the Conroe North Houston Regional Airport on Saturday, April 22nd. The Challenge Air was hosted at Galaxy FBO Hangar 25 with over twenty aircraft and pilots participating to fly over a hundred kids and their families.

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